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You will have to pay: Your weekly rent plus a £200.00 refundable deposit. This deposit can be used as a ‘holding deposit’ to initially secure a property before a contract is signed. The deposit can then be used as a security deposit once a contract has been completed. Please note that should a tenant put down a ‘holding deposit’ and, for whatever reason, decide against taking the property a £100 fee will be deducted from said ‘holding deposit’ before the rest of the money is transferred back to the tenant.

Utilities – All utility bills have been dealt with, ie;
- Gas
- Electric
- Water
- Internet
- Communal TV license
so you don’t have to worry about a thing

1. Providing you have not already moved into the accommodation you may cancel your Tenancy Agreement (by giving us written notice of the cancellation),at any time during the period ending on the date 14 days after the date we return to you the Customer Copy of the Tenancy Letter, properly completed on behalf of the landlord (the “Initial Cancellation Period”). If you cancel the Tenancy Agreements in those conditions, there would be a £100 admin fee taken from the ‘holding deposit’ to cover any lost interest while the house was off the market. However, once you have moved into the accommodation, your right to be released from the Tenancy Agreement is lost. Outside the initial Cancellation Period, but before the 1st August 2021, you may cancel your Tenancy Agreement (by giving us written notice of cancellation),on a payment of a £200 cancellation fee which we will recover by retaining your security deposit, which will not therefore be repaid to you. Once a contract has been signed and is outside the initial 14 days cooling off period it is the tenants responsibility to find a replacement tenant. Only once a replacement tenant has been found will a current tenant be released from their contract.


When both you and the guarantor sign the tenancy agreement you will be required to pay a £200 refundable deposit. We will only deduct money from the deposit should you not leave your room or the communal parts of the property in the same good condition in which you found them. Money can also be deducted from the deposit if a ‘holding deposit’ is put down to secure a property to take it off the market and a tenant/group then does not go ahead with the letting. A sum of £100 would be deducted to cover any loss of interest while the property was off the market. Your deposit will be protected by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and we will make every effort to return it to you within 10 working days of the last day of your contract.

From your first contact with APB you will realise that you are dealing with a very friendly and professional landlord. All members of our team will be available to you at all times providing a personal service whilst swiftly dealing with any queries you might have. The properties speak for themselves – they are well maintained and comply with all current fire and safety regulations. They all have energy performance certificates and where legislation dictates they are all fully licensed. Furthermore in order to help make the moving in process as stress free as possible APB also provide a welcome introduction service when moving into one of our properties for the first time, ensuring you get the most out of your property. In the improbable occasion that you need the services of one of our qualified tradesmen you will find them extremely friendly, obliging and dependable. All the tradesmen we use are known to us.

You can either email us at or simply contact a member of the team on 0161 437 0516. We prefer to give our current tenants at least 24 hours notice of a planned viewing. A member of the team will take you around the property and answer any questions you may have. Whenever possible we do like to take your whole group around the property in one visit, this causes less disruption to our current tenants. We ask that you do not call at the property to request a viewing as we respect the privacy of our tenants.

We can arrange for you to have a look through the tenancy agreement. When you are happy you can sign up there and then, or we can make an appointment to suit you. Until we have a signed a tenancy agreement we will continue with viewings at the property and handle the property as still available to let. You can also put down a ‘holding deposit’ to take the house off the market while the contract is exchanged. Please note that a £100 fine will be deducted from the holding deposit should a tenant/group not end up taking the house.

1. Student Number 
2. Guarantor or Guardian (someone who is willing to guarantee your rent) 
3. Deposit (£200) 
4. Bank details – an online bank transaction is the quickest and easiest way to pay your deposit/rent

You are required to pay a deposit of £200 per person by either cash or direct bank transfer. We also have in place a system where you can your deposit/rent over the phone via a registered debit or credit card. The deposit will be registered with the insurance based tenancy deposit scheme, This is a requirement by law which is why we prefer the deposit at the time of signing. If rent is to be paid via cheque we would require them to be post dated to cover the rent for the period of the agreement. These cheques will not be cashed until the specified dates. The details for the cheques are three equal rental cheques calculated by multiplying the weekly rent per person by x 52 (weeks in the year) and dividing by 3 (number of rental cheques) and dated: 20th June, 20th October, 20th March. These dates are subject to change depending on the tenant/group. 

It is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for a 12 month period. This is a joint and several agreement which means you are all jointly responsible for the rent on the property. What this means is that should one of the group drop out and we cannot contact their guarantor then the rest of the group would be liable for that rent. Don’t worry, this is extremely rare and is just some insurance for us, as Landlords. Individual tenants signing an individual contract are only responsible for their rent.

When Does The Agreement Begin?

Your contract would run from 1st July until 30th June. If you do want to stay on for another year, as many of our students do, we write to our current tenants in early October giving you first option of staying.

You don’t have to do a thing. That’s the beauty of having all bills included in the rent – we sort it all out for you. On the day you move into the property we will take meter readings for gas and electricity. We will then monitor the energy usage throughout the year via an app called Hive. This allows us to control the heating in your house remotely. We work closely with our tenants to devise a heating schedule that works for them for when the heating comes on and switches off. Contractually each tenant is ‘allowed’ £5 worth of energy per week. This is used as a safety cap and in all likelihood your won’t get near this amount.

Each property has its own house manual with full operating instructions for each appliance plus practical information on fire safety. Also you can contact us with your problem and we will send round the relevant tradesmen.